Saturday, January 14, 2012

My God, is not a God of "everything happens for a reason"

I would like to preface this post by reminding myself and others that I am in no way a theologian, as if anyone close to me needed to be reminded of that. But....I am feeling overwhelmed with thoughts that need a forum and this one seems as safe as any or safer than most anyway.

I have to believe that the God I serve is greater and more creative than showing himself in some magical way though some random numbers that all seemed to line up with the stars and have some magical winning sequence and meaning. I have no ill will toward a young man who has a great Christian testimony and a forum to make that proclamation, but really? That's what concerns my Savior? Football?

I have to believe that tonight my God is more concerned about how to move the hearts and feet of His followers to protect the less fortunate, to stand up for those who can not stand up for themselves, to feed a hungry child, to clothe a couple with uniforms so that they can keep the $8.00 an hour job that they got so that the can afford to get out of the "pay by the week" motel they are living in. Everything does not happen for a reason...sometimes life sucks. Football? Really?

I have to believe that He is looking for us to be His hands and feet that He expects us to do what we know is right. He does not need to spell out Matt 25:35 in pennies on the sidewalk or have 2535 appear as some hint for all the world to see. Give me a break...God moves our hearts to be available to help those who can not or will not help themselves. He asks us to be available to be the change. Show His love.

I have to believe that my God is busy tonight with the cares of the world, He is trying to move our hearts to action. I can't believe he has wasted one moment on trying to align a million ways to remind of us John 3:16, because football is the way He is planning on saving a broken world.