Monday, December 7, 2009

Just when you think.....

Well...I've been at this job about 6 weeks now and most of the time I'm so tired that every part of my body hurts. My hands now look like I do hard construction work for a living. I broke down and spent way too much on a pair of shoes that look like they came from some old "B" Sci-fi movie, but feel heavenly. I find myself irritated with the other merchants in my strip when they don't break down their boxes before they put them in the dumpster. (how sad am I?)

I spend most of my day bent over sorting through all the wonderful items that the public drops by on an almost hourly basis. Which can include some really great stuff but also the occasional grossness. And then there's the bag that seems as if someone just walked through the house picking up all the things that seemed out of place and brought them to me, which included an empty BudLight can. Really?? Com'on people!!

But then after hours of sorting and my sciatica trying to jump out of my back I come across something that makes it all worth it...something that makes me squeal with delight...something like this...
A Mickey Mouse Sweatshirt with my favorite saying on it, in my size, with no tears or stains. It may all be worth it.

I know you were hoping for some great story of redemption or some story of how we are helping so many people,,,,yada yada, yada. But you know it's really all about ME! LOL! I have some great human interest stories to tell too, and I will spend some quality time writing them down as soon as I can stand up straight again and not feel like climbing into bed the moments I walk in the door in the evening. Grace and Peace to you.


  1. Lori,
    Love it!!!! I have one in the closet similar!!!

  2. I knew it, I could tell in your voice last time we talked that you needed to be in bed. It's a shame to find all the accidents and injuries hidden in your fun, upbeat blog (just kidding... I will be praying for your sore feet, sciatica and smile. I know your face is hurting from that big smile after finding the Disney shirt.)