Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Thanks for the Memories...

As 2009 comes to a close I find myself trying to do a year in review...the fact that I find it difficult to remember does not speak well of the current state of tiredness. Well here goes...

January 2009
  • I joined the world of blogging, I never would've dreamed that I could have kept up with this for a year. More to come, I hope.
  • I started or restarted scrapbooking with new friends

February 2009

  • Celebrated our 2oth Wedding Anniversary
  • Celebrated the life of Doctor Knight
  • A great Small Group start
  • Facebook and Twitter

March 2009

  • Disney World through the eyes of a first-timer. We got to take go to Walt Disney World and take Jenna's friend
  • A new van...not a planned event, but nice all the same
  • Loss of an Uncle

April 2009

  • The blessing of another birthday--better than the alternative.
  • The beginning of the forever being promised office remodel.
  • Too many Musicals.

May 2009

  • The end of 6th grade for Jenna.
  • Beginning of summer break.
  • Some great new friendships made.

June 2009

  • Great vacation to Orange Beach, AL with the Bales. The Caribe Resort Rocks.
  • Death of Michael Jackson

July 2009

  • Cooking classes for Jenna--one of the best things ever.
  • Feelings of needing a new job opportunity

August 2009

  • Bethany Girls Breakaway 2009-- A great weekend with daughters and moms
  • The start of HMM
  • Jim starts Photo of the Day blog
  • The remodel was finally complete.
  • The start of 7th grade.

September 2009

  • Guiding Light comes to and end after 70+ years
  • Jenna turned 12
  • The Homecoming car accident--glad everyone was safe.

October 2009

  • Trip to WDW with my best friend. Food and Wine Festival--no responsibilities--splitting meals. ALL GOOD.
  • The Nehemiah Series--sermons to change your life.
  • A new JOB!!
  • 1ooth anniversary of BFC--Jenna joins the church.

November 2009

  • A new job-- like none I've ever taken.
  • Tragic death of a friend
  • Death of an Uncle
  • Great Thanksgiving trip to Ohio. Spent with great family that I wished didn't live so far away.

December 2009

  • Another great Christmas card designed and executed by Jim
  • A real snow storm in Oklahoma
  • Debt free
  • The end to a great year of change, some losses and some great blessings in our lives.

I hope as you do a review of the past year that you find most of yours full of great memories and wonderful events. Even in the tragic happenings I hope that we all are able to find ourselves more grateful for the blessings we have and that we not take them or one another for granted in the coming year. God's grace and peace to you.

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  1. That would make an awesome Year in Review scrapbook layout right there!!! Speaking of which, we need to get going on that again .... :)