Saturday, January 23, 2010

Saturday at home...

Lounging on the couch Saturday with my daughter while watching Legally Blonde and the conversation went something like this...

CiCi's commercial is on, the one where the woman stuffs the whole cinnamon roll into her mouth at the end (yuck--it does not entice me to go there)...

Jenna: "Let's go there."

Me: "where?, to CiCi's??, I ask in surprise.

Jenna : "Yeah"

Me: "Really?"

Jenna: Yeah, we can go there in our pajamas"

Me: "In our Pajamas?"

Jenna: "Yeah, it's not a very fancy restaurant."

I'm now expecting Stacey and Clinton to knock on our door any minute to tell us that have been secretly filming us and sweep us away to their studio.....


  1. Sadly, I think pajamas (or at least pajama pants) are becoming the accepted uniform du jour of the day .... I'm shocked if I go to Wal Mart or Target nowadays and don't see at least ONE person wearing them. Seriously? The rest of us aren't worth the time or effort it would take for you to get up and put on some PANTS???

  2. Only Jenna, but Kristie is right... I see it all the time! Remember the guy on American Idol that sang "Lookin' like a fool with 'yer pants on the floor"? I heard him in an interview that the "fool" who inspired the song had on PJ bottoms!

  3. Oh Lori, you are so right!!!!! I see PJs everywhere. Now, I confess to wearing them when I drive the kids at 7:30am, but I'm NOT getting out of the van!!!!! Come on people, it takes 10 seconds to throw on a pair of jeans.

    Happy couch day! Oh, did ya'll go to CiCis???