Monday, February 1, 2010

The Trolls perspective...

At our Small Group Christmas Party, which due to unforeseen circumstances, was actually celebrated on New Year's Eve, we had our now traditional Dirty Santa gifts and our party raffle prizes. I will have to tell you that our Raffle prizes are now becoming something of a challenge -- I always feel the need to have some great prizes--a theme that ties into the game choice--random unisex prizes--etc.. The theme changed with this party--because now I am the manager of a thrift store --so the raffle prizes took on a life of their own. I brought all kinds of raffle prizes that you never knew you needed or were certain you didn't want. But the anticipation of what you might have to open was quite fun. We had a range of prizes from a set of four 35th anniversary Wal-Mart glasses, NKOTB (original) board game, a huge purple stuffed ape, and troll dolls. Everyone went home with something equally remarkable.

My friend Tonya ended up with won the Troll dolls. It so happened that we were planning a little New Year's getaway the next day to Great Wolf Lodge and when we arrived at their house to depart these two little guys were eagerly anticipating the trip.

So let me tell you that a great time was had by all participants, especially the troll dolls.

Trolls at the Waterpark area--

Trolls at Grapevine Mall--

Trolls at lunch--yummy chicken-n-dumplins

Trolls enjoying the Cabana--gotta have me some football.
Trolls enjoying the breakfast buffet

Buckled in and ready to head for home

The Bales-Smith end of vacation tradition of dinner at Chili's. No vacation is complete without it, no matter how tired, worn-out, sick, or loopy we might be.


  1. I'm telling you, that's a scrapbook layout, right there. :)

  2. Those are the cutest, ugly tripsters I've ever seen. (Mom would say, "if you can't say anything nice, don't say anything at all", but, hey they're trolls!!!)

    Funny, but they almost look like they are too tired to deal with your "Chili's" tradition. At least, trolls travel better than flamingos!