Friday, February 19, 2010

Every penny counts...

At the store Thursday we received a dining table and chairs. I wish I had taken a picture of it being carried into the store as the leg fell off, but I missed that. Anyway....we are really short on furniture at the moment so in an attempt to get the most we can out of this donation we went to work to change it's worth.

We screwed the leg back on with reinforcements, we used scratch cover and a shiny layer of old english to make it shine. And then we used donated staples and a staple gun, donated upholstery fabric, and lots of manpower and changed....



Now what seemed like a donation worth maybe $60 --is now a wonderfully clean and polished dining room table and four chairs priced at $125. That $60+ difference could buy 7000lbs. of food from the regional food bank. I love my new job!


  1. Great job ... that chair looks SO much nicer!!

  2. Beautiful.... I knew you would put Trading Spaces to good use!

  3. Good work Lori! Someone has been watching HGTV!

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