Sunday, February 14, 2010

Movin' on up...maybe not so much.

2010 is bringing major changes to our lives. One of the biggest is that we are trying to become home owners. Gotta take advantage of that $8000 tax credit!

We thought the process we be a little simpler for us than for most people. We don't need the help of Suzanne Wong (does House Hunters really need a host?) and HGTV because we want to buy the house we already live in. We have effectively eliminated the hardest step. In addition, we're buying the house from my mom, so no price negotiations. Best of all--No Moving.

So we had to have the appraiser come out,which is a requirement of the loan process, and we needed to make sure the price we agreed on wasn't too high or too low. We live in an older home folks, we know that it has some updates that need to be done, you know all the normals--bathrooms--kitchen--windows--carpet--(wait, why are we buying this house?). I digress--because that's what bloggers do.

But what amazes me most about the appraisal was that the man took pictures of my family room (well he took pictures of everything) but the pictures of the family room were to show the datedness (is that a word?) of the decor. Now first let's remember that we actually live in the house and we actually chose the decor. Second --all together now --let's say --she made it look that way on purpose!! Really-- I know that it is not 1969!

And the other thing--it's not like I'd leave the decor with the house when I go. Anyway...,my feelings were just a little hurt that he didn't want to embrace my retro room for what it is...RETRO!


  1. Appraisers are a ROYAL PAIN in the _ _ _!!!!!!!
    I feel your pain having gone through this similar experience last yr when trying to refinance!!!
    Personally, I like your retro room!

  2. Check the homebuyer tax credit regulations. I saw a story on our local news about homes purchased from family members being exempt. Like you, the woman in the story purchased her home from her mom and only found out later that she does not qualify. Hope I'm wrong, but thought you'd want to check it out.

  3. I love that you have a "Venice Ave" sign over your fireplace! Great memories of your sweet grandmother abound.....