Thursday, February 18, 2010


Jenna had her first showchoir contest yesterday. They had to be at school, on the bus at 6:00am, yes in the freaking AM! Plus she went with hair done and make-up started. So that backs us up to about 4:40am Wednesday. I am tired just remembering it. Anyway....

At about 12:30 she texted me just to touch base. I have to admit that I am a reluctant texter. I understand it's versatility and it's many uses but I never was much of a typist and it seems to take me forever to text out a message, so I was so proud of my abbreviation skills when I responded

Me: R U tired?

to which my, obviously not keyboard challenged, daughter responded

Jenna: Surprisingly, No.

Really? Surprisingly? Which even now while typing on a full sized keyboard I spelled wrong both times I typed it. Kids?!! Such show-offs!! TTFN--TTYL.


  1. I text, very grudgingly, but I refuse to use any shortcuts. And since I don't have a mini-keyboard, nor do I have that auto-word-sentence-filler-feature, it takes me a very long time to text a very short message. Of course, since my daughter's phone was taken from her indefinitely, I guess it doesn't matter!! :)

  2. Lori, Talk to Stephanie! She got us to get texting and got us hooked! We 'talk' almost everyday. I don't use T9 and not big on abbreviations, but I do have a phone that flips to a full keyboard! I love it!!!!!
    It is great when Kev is in the ER. I can send a text and find out if he is busy and not make his phone RING. Of course, we only starting texting in the last 8 mos! Guess we are getting old.

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