Friday, May 8, 2009

Somewhere between Kirstie and Valerie

Okay I am 38 days into trying lose this freaking weight to get into better shape. The process is really slow, of course I've put the weight off and on over the last ten years, so slow is relative. I have stuck to no coke(the drink, the drug could be optional at this point), no eating after 7:30 ish, smaller portions and exercise.

I have had one coke, at Chili's last Friday, it was wonderful, heavenly, unbelievable, and made it harder to resist it during the week so maybe I'm not quite ready for that splurge yet. The 7:30 thing works okay and unless I have to work late or we are scrapping into the wee hours. Smaller portions seems to be directly related to my mood at the moment. Believe it or not exercise is not the hard one for me. I have been exercising regularly for about four years. I think the routine of my exercise is probably what's working against me. So I am now up to running 30 minutes about three times a week along with some days of walking and other days of Pilates. Even if I don't loose weight I'm sure I loose 3 gallons of water out of my body every time I run.

This is me after a 30 minute run (2 1/2 miles)--yes the shirt discoloration is me sweating all the fluids from my body:

My scale went nuts this week and it had to be recalibrated and that was not good news. Although I realize that it doesn't really change that weight that I have lost (10 lbs., by the way). Of course I still need to lose about 6 lbs. to actually be able to say I am losing new weight. It was very depressing to discover that I started out about 2 1/2 lbs. heavier than I thought. Oh well ignorance was bliss for a while. So I will continue to chug along a little progress at a time and my drug dealer doctor gave me some appetite suppressants to help be along the way. I figure if I can at least get to the place where no one mistakenly wants to harpoon me at the beach in June I will have made a few steps in the right directions.


  1. YAY you girl...oh and you are so brave I would die if anyone took a picture of me after I got done working out...and I sure wouldnt be brave enough to post it!!!!!Keep going..Im jealous..I cant seem to lose any of seems to like me too much!!!

  2. Congratulations Lori!!!! I'm eating less, not snacking, but I can't make time to work out :( Now that I'm taking care of Mom, I'm running ragged!!! But it is not helping my mid section!!!

    Keep up the good work. You are going to look even greater than you do!