Thursday, May 14, 2009

Stop the wagon...I want back on!

Help! This calls for Oprah. Get Jenny Craig on the phone now. Have Richard Simmons run his little butt to Oklahoma. Have Marie Osmond mail me some food. What does a girl have to do to get back on the wagon?
This has been an awful week. I have had four Sonic Happy Hour Cokes. I have had to skip exercising for three days and counting. I have eaten everything that might even seem remotely tasty, or maybe not even so tasty just available. I have been sick.

Being sick is the pits. It messes up my whole routine, and I am a routine kinda girl. Two weeks ago I fought the whole my throat hurts so bad do not make me swallow sickness but I muddled through. I kept up the food plan, I kept up the exercise. I prevailed. That lasted about 10 days.

Two days of feeling pretty good then the cough and snot head set in. There is no way that there can be any more mucus in my sinus cavities. I'm not sure that I'm really the kinda of woman who can pull off the Kathleen Turner voice, (even if I do put on as much weight as her during this round of sickness) but I have seemed to develop it. I need this to go away. I need to get back to my routine.

I am hoping that today is my turn around day. Maybe I'll only use half a box of tissues, drink only three cups of hot tea, cough up only a quarter of my left lung (the right one has to already be gone), and be able to a least go for an evening walk.

It might be a little too soon for an intervention by the powers that be, but a couple more Cokes at Sonic Happy Hour and I might be on the road of no return.


  1. that last cartoon...LOL....i think my kids must think this...

  2. I do Sonic happy hour almost every day, and tell myself its ok because I drink diet. Of course, my bones are going to turn to dust from all the what-ever-is-in-sodas that is so bad for you .......

  3. Or Lori, sorry you aren't feeling well. You and Stephanie can suffer together.

    Keep the faith, I'm trying to. I keep hoping to get back to the gym, it has been longer than I care to remember. But life is so crazy.

    Sending i-net vibes of healing, hugs, tea, and good thoughts to you.


  4. sorry you are feeling so icky Lori...and I will keep my fingers crossed that you get back on the routine....and omg that last cartoon cracks me up!!!