Tuesday, May 19, 2009

SPT-May 19, Something Borrowed

SPT-This month's challenge is a recycle. This week --Something Borrowed.

I'm not typically a borrower--I think that comes from being an "A type", "I am island" kinda girl. If I don't have it then I don't need it or if I need I find someway to get on a bargain. So this week's photo has been a little difficult for me to get a handle on.

So I went a little vague and intangible. I find myself in need a of dose, maybe two, of patience at this season of life. I need patience to get over this sickness that seems to linger indefinitely. I need patience to get this weight off. I need patience with a MIL who is ill and just a little off balance. I need patience with an office with no walls. I need patience to endure the summer with a pre-teen who will prefer TV to every other activity offered. I need patience counting the days til vacation. And on and on... I guarantee that I will have to borrow all this patience from somewhere because I do not have the gift of patience. So if you have a suggestion on coping skills for when to proverbial @$#^ hits the fan, feel free to share, and allow me to borrow your thoughts and ideas.


  1. Blaine and I were just talking last night -- seriously -- about having our cable disconnected this summer, otherwise we're going to have three bona fide couch potatoes on our hands. So discouraging.

  2. 1. I will share and let you borrow two of my "teachers of patience" with you. They are giving me a work out and I need a break! (but I won't take any of your stress in the trade)
    2. Jenna is welcome to come join Spear camp any day she wants-
    3. I am wondering what type of personality I am? I borrow stuff all the time.

    I just noticed you only have 1 month until your vacation ... the countdown is on!

  3. very clever. I also lack the patience gene. ha!

  4. what a great post - I often tell my husband before kids you had 100% of my patience and now you need to grow up as you only have 1/3rd (ha) when you find the little patience bottle.. I'll pay BIG bucks for some.. lol Just remember to breath deeply and try to laugh off as much as possible and smile

    Have fun

  5. Good luck. I hope you find all of the patience you need to get through this summer.

  6. That is not something I carry extra off. It is however an attribute that I am always working on. If I find a hidden bag of it I'll send it your way. Very creative photo/post!

    I'm hosting a mouth watering giveaway, come on over. 2 Winners!

  7. i think we all need a little of this every once in a while!