Tuesday, June 16, 2009

How Lori got her Groove back...

I have found my groove. I decided to follow the old wise saying that has been quoted through the ages, well at least through the last few years. Just Do It!--Nike
One of my favorite speakers is Tony Campolo and he tells a story of how awful he was at being a marriage counselor that he really had no patience for what seemed like frivolous complaints from spouses. But in telling of his experience he reminds us that sometimes you just have to move forward. That if you are not feeling that you are in love anymore or that you have lost the loving feeling that sometimes what it takes to get it back is to respond in the way the you would if you did love that person. How would you treat them if you loved them and then do that. Eventually the feelings will follow the actions because love is as much or more about action as it is about feelings. So that's what I did about vacation this weekend.
I decided to get ready, to go through all the motions that I would normally go through to get ready for a trip. And it seemed to have worked. I'm much more excited. This trip is calling for some weird packing plans though. I have packed "activity" bags.
The "Pool and Beach" bag

the "Car" bag

The "Games and Crafts" bag

The "Kitchen and Cooking" Bag

The "Wii" bag

My "Clothes" bag--still doing laundry for this bag.
I really have my groove back...I'm ready to go, well except for the empty bag. My my spirit is back in check. So I plan to return Tan, Rested and Ready... Jim's thinking about a webcam from the balcony so all can enjoy our view of the bay --check back to see if happens.


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  2. wow you are so organized!!! I am glad you got your groove back and I for one will waiting to see what all you have to write about!!! have fun!!!

  3. Yea Lori!!!! I know how much work it is to organize! I usually have to pack for 3 kids, plus the pool toys and the food like you!!

    Hey, I'll be in Bethany for 4th of July + a few days spending time with Stephanie. Maybe you'll be back and we can get together??