Thursday, June 11, 2009

No really..come right in!

Well we are about 8 weeks into our remodel. We are surviving and I wouldn't want to be stuck in this situation with any other people but we need our space back. We have no way of stopping people from just coming right in, It is so funny.

A student walks in the door and looks dazed and confused and no matter how hard Dayna tries to stop them from just walking through the office it never fails that they just walk right by her and make themselves at home in your area.

Even the students are starting to joke about how much "lack of privacy there is." We try our best to make jokes about our "closeness" and how we want them to feel "loved" and never "overlooked." But man, it is getting old.

I took a short video this week to emphasize how students just feel like they are in a rec/multi purpose room rather than offices. I was so excited that I figured out how to post into my Blog, but then I discovered that I can't rotate the video so....This student came into the office to meet with her academic advisor and was waiting in our area for that appointment, and proceeded to take her baby by the hand and walk her all through our "offices." Francine and I got so tickled that I had to take a short video. Of course some of my co-workers have adjusted better to the set up than others--Rhonda didn't even notice that woman and her baby and never even looked up from her computer.

Here's to hoping that they are finished soon, we may have to resort to hanging sheets from the ceiling to give us the illusion of privacy.

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  1. Oh Lori, I feel for you. I went through a remodel at the clinic when we had it. They told us they would have a wall up in 3 days to split space! Um 3 weeks later we were still listening to hammers!!!!

    Good luck and try to stay sane!