Tuesday, June 9, 2009

My Inner Cheerleader must be taking Prozac...

I have never been a part of any organized cheer leading, we're talking about a girl who came home from high school gym class frustrated and in tears because I couldn't turn a somersault. I have never have been able to turn a cartwheel. I can't imagine wearing or ever having worn a short skirt. The only talent I might have had to get on a cheer squad would have been my ability to yell. I was a Show Choir geek, a church youth group activity junkie, Musical watching, certified nerd.

My adult cheer leading has been more about my ability to lead a crowd, to get the enthusiasm for an idea rolling, to keep everyone focused on the goal. I will have to tell you my inner cheerleader really seems to be taking Prozac or too many Xanax or something equally tranquilizing. I guess she was also the one who was coming up with all the ideas for blogging, because I can't seem to think of one thing to write about. This month's SPT is supposed to help us get back in touch with blogging but I'm with Kristie on her take of this challenge. It seems like adding more to my plate, not getting me redirected. So I decided to just start writing today and see what happens.

How do you get back on track when you seem off kilter? Do you ever feel like the most effort that you could possibly put forward is maybe deciding whether watch Soapnet reruns of 90210 or Gilmore Girls?

I am leaving on vacation in about 10 days and I have about five things ready of the dining room table...this is an issue for me. I am usually packing some things weeks before a trip, I normally would've have been to the Target travel aisle at least twice by now. I definitely would have had the suitcases out and ready to fill as clean clothes come out of the dryer. Even my daughter mentioned at lunch Sunday that she thought maybe it was time to start packing...even she knows things aren't quite right.

So this is my attempt to get back in the game, to find my pep rally spirit, to get my pom poms in gear... and any other cheer analogy you can think of. So...

Give me a G E T O F F T H E F R E A K I N G C O U C H A N D G E T B U S Y!!!
Yea Team!!


  1. go lori...gimme an L...okay, i'll shut up, hope you get in the swing of it, just think about being away from it all soon!!!

  2. Come on Lori, you can do it, put a little sonic to it!
    I hope that once you get on the trip that you get back on "kilter"- and that coming home will be smooth sailing.

  3. GO LORI!
    I almost sent you a fb message asking if you were alright. Noticed you hadn't been around. Thought maybe you were already on vacation.

  4. OH so glad to see that you are still around..have been missing you!!!! I think we all go thru those moments in life where we just need to take a break and then reboot ourselves...maybe your trip will do that for you!!!!! But it is good to see that you are still around and all is ok ((HUGZ))