Friday, September 25, 2009

Don't sweat the small stuff, there's plenty of real crap to keep you busy!

It's Friday, I worked my half a day at my regular job then I worked a couple of hours at my volunteer job and I was on my way home to get ready for Jenna to have a friend over for the night when I get a panicked phone call from my mom. "where are you you?" I answer "what's wrong?" she yells "WHERE ARE YOU?" I say "home "(I'm not really home but that was easier than explaining exactly at what intersection I was). She finally says my niece and nephew have been in accident and Josh is hurt.

I hang up and call who Jim who is closest to the scene to send him there until we can find my sister-in-law. I arrive there just after my mom and Jim was already there. It's pretty bad. Katie's car is totaled and I don't see Josh anywhere. I get directed to Josh who is a bloody mess in the ambulance and Katie is frantically, and in the fashion a true Morgan woman, worried about all the Homecoming decorations and preparations that are in her car for the festivities tonight, insisting that we have to get them out before they tow the car away.

Katie sticks her head in the ambulance to check on Josh and the EMT immediately says that she needs to be checked out too, she has a mean contusion on her forehead. Next thing I know they are sure they need to transport both of them. I send Jim to try to track down my sister-in-law so she doesn't just come upon the wreck on her way home. She arrives and gets to see that the kids are talking and breathing even though Josh looks pretty bad it seems like things are under control. We head to the emergency room.

My brother meets us at the hospital and they start to examine the kids. They decided to do CT scans on both mostly just precautionary. They start to unwrap Josh's head and we're talking gaping wound. The EMT's hadn't really seen it because the firemen had it wrapped before they arrived, let's just say they understated the yuckiness and size (we could see skull). He had fourteen staples put in. If Halloween was a little closer he could definitely pull off a Frankenstein costume. They finished up with them and sent them home to be awakened every two hours through the night by their loving parents, mom of whom is saying that they really won't be driving without her any time soon.

We are counting our blessings tonight and reminding ourselves of what is most important in life.

One of the great EMT on the scene

Josh upon arrival to the hospital

They haven't shared a room for years, until today

Katie waiting for her CT.

and can you believe Jenna found a Hidden Mickey


  1. Oh, bless him, that was a brand-new t-shirt that just got ruined with blood!!!

    All kidding aside, I am so grateful that it wasn't worse, and that they are both (relatively) ok. I can only imagine how frightening it was for all of you ..... so scary.

  2. Oh life crap- it keeps you busy doesn't it? Savanna had already heard about it from Katie, but I had not. So sorry- what a frantic phone call to get. Poor Melissa!
    Love the hidden Mickey!