Thursday, September 24, 2009

It's been 70 years??

Last night Jenna and I went to see The Wizard of Oz (the movie). In celebration of it's 70th Anniversary it was re-released in HD digitally remastered quality on the big screen for one night only. It was so fun. I was surprised at the crowd--more people than I thought would pay $10 for a 70 year old movie they can see on TV for free quite often. But it was a totally different experience than watching at home.

Just being in the theatre made it a more enjoyable experience for me because I wasn't tempted to try to accomplish six other things while it was on. The other thing that surprised me, never having seen it in a crowd, was the audience reaction. They loved the Cowardly Lion. They laughed out loud in places that a small crowd in your living room just wouldn't have. They responded with "ahs" when one little girl distraughtly let out a sob when Mrs. Gooch took Toto away, and were as equally delighted when Toto got away from her. They cheered when the Wicked Witch (whom I had difficult time not thinking of as Elphaba) melted. I will have to say I could have done without the lady beside me (who reeked of cigarette smoke) thinking it was okay to speak every line of every character in an audible voice. But what are you gonna do? All-in-all a very enjoyable evening spent with my wonderful daughter.

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