Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Spirit Week--It might as well be the week of Halloween!

It's Spirit Week at my daughter's school this week. Now really it's just an excuse to dress crazy and be silly, but that's okay! So the days consist of

  • Pajama Day--Okay so who wouldn't want to wear their pj's all day

  • Miss Match Day-- okay as long as you don't need to go anywhere after school

  • Senior Citizen Day--this one is lost on me--Spirit Week??

  • Purple and White--school colors--perfect sense.

  • Nerd Day--because Middle schoolers need help in pointing out each others flaws and shortcomings.

So tomorrow is Senior Citizen Day-- I'm sure the powers that be are thinking something like this--

I'm thinking something more like this----Tina Turner, baby!!! 69 years old!!!


  1. I think they decided on "Sr. Citizen" Day in honor of the school's 100th anniversary this year ...... I tore Goodwill UP looking for something for my kids to wear -- not much luck!

  2. Kristie-
    That makes sense! I'll have to tell you though Jenna went looking more like character from SNL's Coffee Talk than a school patiarch.