Thursday, October 22, 2009

The Great Escape

It's nice to know that in my world of craziness and chaos somethings are still easy, like a vacation with your best friend. When my friend Tonya's husband Tim and my husband Jim thought that it would be a great idea for the two of us to get away for a long weekend we took them up on it. I will say I'm always a hesitant at first but then I always seem to warm up to the idea with my whole heart. I know some (okay most) people thought we were crazy when we chose Walt Disney World (WDW) as our destination. We love Walt Disney World so it makes perfect sense to us, but let me help the sceptics.

  • We really prefer the familiar --especially if we're traveling without the husbands.

  • Southwest Airlines was offering a Friends Fly Free deal--choices? WDW or Las Vegas. Really no choice for a girls only trip(especially since we've not been to Las Vegas)

  • If you stay on sight at WDW they will get you from the airport to the resort on a Magical Express bus. No rental car needed.

  • WDW has a great Resort transportation system to get wherever you want to go on property.

  • Epcot's Food and Wine Festival

  • Great Service and Clean Surroundings

  • Total escape from reality

Sure, we might have gotten some of the those things or may be all of them at another destination but we knew we would have them at WDW and we love WDW so for us it was really no contest.

We did not count on the heat however. It was summer hot. It was the talk of the whole resort. But I will have to say that it did make us slow down a little and not try to push so hard. We get to WDW and feel like we have to see all the things we love and push ourselves to exhaustion. It's what we do--but we don't do it so well in 90+ temperatures with 100+ heat indexes. I think God was smiling on me on Saturday (I don't why he wasn't smiling on Tonya, but I guess that's between them) but I got to spend the whole day--10:30am-4:30pm at the pool. Tonya spent the day with me but it's not the same piece of paradise for her. She is learning to appreciate the escape of it, but for me it is still my true bliss. So even though she thoroughly and completely beat me to the ground at an ongoing game of 7/11, it was the best day of relaxation between two days of great theme park visits. And now the proverbial vacation slides.

Transportation from the airport

This is where we spent all day Saturday
Some of the sights on the Pop Century resort

the props at Hollywood Studios and us
Epcot's Food and Wine Festival
We attended a culinary demonstration by Keegan Gerhard the Food Network Food Challenge Host and owner of the D-Bar Desserts in Denver. So completely over our heads but still fun to attend.

This the apple dessert they served, totally delish...

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  1. I would have made the trip just to get my hands on that apple dessert. :)