Thursday, October 29, 2009

Starting Day Four

I'm getting ready to go to my fourth official day on my new job. It has been really good so far. I will have to tell you that going from basically sitting all day at my former desk job to basically standing all day and physical labor most of the day makes me fall into bed dead every night. I've also discovered that when I do physical work all day the need I always have felt to go run/walk in the evening has significantly if not completely disappeared.

Some interesting facts about the store that you don't notice when you only volunteer a couple days a week but now are there 40 hours a week:
  • People will donate anything, and expect you to be grateful to get it, and of course we will be.
  • My hands are so dry that they feel like sandpaper
  • Some customers come by everyday.
  • The need to snack during the day is directly related to what box you have been digging through.
  • I work in a Hoarders Haven.
  • At this time of year we could rename the store North Pole City--so much Christmas stuff!!!
  • A significant amount of the people I see daily live a completely different life than I do and I should be more grateful.
  • The people that work there are amazing and have embraced me unconditionally--at least to my face.

So Far. So Good!!!


  1. Hooray! I am so glad things are great- I was hoping to not have to wait for a post until the weekend to find out how you were!

  2. IM really glad to hear that the new job is going good for you!!!!!