Saturday, October 24, 2009

All Dogs go to Heaven...right??

This article was on one of our local news station's website on Saturday. The headline captured my attention, whose attention wouldn't it catch?

Pay an Atheist for Post-Rapture Pet Care

ALSTEAD, N.H. -- Christians who believe they'll vanish from Earth in the rapture can now hire an atheist to care for their pets.

For $110, Eternal Earth-Bound Pets offers a 10-year contract guaranteeing that an atheist will adopt the pet that's left behind by its raptured owner. Additional pets can be covered for $15.
The company's owner, Bart Centre, said his pet rescuers definitely won't be raptured because they've all blasphemed the Holy Spirit in writing, committing what they believe Jesus called the unforgivable sin.

His Web site said the rescuers are animal lovers who "are committed to step in when you step up to Jesus."

Centre said he doesn't believe in God or the rapture, but is offering a service for those who do.

The service is available in 22 states, including Oklahoma.

Now, I know it's going to hard but put aside all your beliefs, doctrines, religious upbringing, theology classes you had in college, faith in the human spirit, and basic morality and be honest, aren't you thinking "Dog Gone It (pun totally intended) I wish I had thought of that!!"

P.S. My daughter is sure our dog is a Christian since she has prayed with him, so in our case we're covered.

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