Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Taking the Big Plunge!

I have worked at the same place for 15 years. When I took this job I really thought I might be there five years at the most but as it turned out I really liked it (most of the time) and it really accommodated my life.

Since I have worked there I have:

  • had a dear friend get married (Happy 15th Anniversary--Oct 2009)

  • lost two grandparents

  • felt the shock wave of the Murrow Building Bombing

  • turned 30

  • tried to get pregnant

  • had a baby

  • moved a few times

  • became WDW fan(atics)

  • watched the unfathomable, as the Twin Towers fell

  • discovered the Internet and can't seem to live without it.

  • changed churches more than once.

  • more celebrities than I can mention have died

  • turned 40

  • reality TV somehow became acceptable entertainment

  • Jim got me hooked on Lost (help me God?)

  • lost my dad

  • became part of a "small group" at church

  • started a blog

  • found my holy discontent (thank you Pastor Busic)

  • gave notice on my job

Yes, I gave notice on my job. This is the last week I will get to enjoy the new door on my new wonderful office. I will have to give up my amazing co-workers. I will have to give up my ability to come and go if the need be. I will be adjusting to a whole new life with a new job. I think I might actually be hyperventilating while I am typing this....(paper bag....please....hurry...)

I really believe that God has been preparing me for this change for a while (it's easy to blame God for our choices, but I really think He has had a hand in this one). I am a going to manage the ROC Resale Shop. This is one of the ministries of Reaching Our City, Inc. and it helps to financially support many of the other ministries of the organization. I have been volunteering there for about three years in a very small capacity but have always felt a draw to the store's ministry. I have a degree and some experience in retail management and a real heart for this store, I am praying that this will be a successful pairing.

So please keep me in you thoughts this week while I end a great run at my current job and jump out the "proverbial" plane without a parachute into this new endeavor. I'm praying God will give the strength and insight of Nehemiah in the coming days.


  1. You will do great!! And I completely forgot about the fact that's the field your degree is in --- it's fate, I'm telling you! (Or God, like you said.) :)

  2. Have a great jump! You can do it!