Monday, November 9, 2009

HMM 10 --I 've had a conversion!

I've had a conversion! Not the two point kind like you find it football. Not the kind that people experience when someone finds the Lord and becomes a Christian. Not the kind where they take a van chassis and add an extra "lid" to it. I had the kind where normal everyday people who have been exposed to my craziness for Disney have been so overexposed that they are now finding Hidden Mickeys for me and bringing them to me so that I can see them for myself. I love it!! My friends John, Stephanie, Katie and Lizzie have now come to the happy side of life, and I'll bet this won't be the last Hidden Mickey they discover. Here is a photo of their find. I bet you have one in your house too. Have a Magical Hidden Mickey day!


  1. That's great!! Brayden thought she found one the other day but it wasn't quite right .... I think she was a little disappointed. :)

  2. Woohoo!
    I am excited to see what others find! Luke is still coming up with at least one a day. But they are "made up."
    I think he will fall over dead when he actually finds one.