Sunday, November 15, 2009

In a New York Minute

It seemed like a regular Saturday. Even more regular than the last couple because I didn't have to work. We got up and started thinking about the day. Jim and I were fussing about what to do about a Christmas tree. I was griping because I slept (or didn't sleep) wrong and my neck was hurting. I was watching reruns of Gilmore Girls and Jenna was just crawling out of bed.

The phone rings----the caller ID reads someone from our Sunday School class---I'm sure it's just a reminder about the Chili Cook-Off that we were not planning to attend---then I hear from Jim "Oh No!!" and everything changes.....

A friend of ours has fallen from his roof and has a head injury, they have taken him to the head trauma hospital....

Moments like these always bring the lyrics of Don Henley's New York Minute to mind. I know... not too spiritual uh? But it always reminds me how quickly things can change.

Since that phone call I have witnessed the body of Christ to what it should do. They have rallied beyond what is normal. I have witnessed the wonder of technology in how facebook has brought this tragic news to people all over the country in a matter of moments. I have witnessed a Sunday School class without direction but with determination to pray and lift up a family and take a love offering when no one knew what else to do. I have witnessed a school community (a public school at that) arrange a prayer vigil in a moment''s notice to pray for this teacher/coach and his family. I've watched my husband remembering all the time he spent with this man while they were in grad school. Then I saw him volunteer to finish out the man's teaching session at SNU without compensation. The call of God's people is never as evident as when there is a need in a tragic situation.

The situation for this family is dire and we are reminding ourselves that we serve a God of miracles...but know that we live in a world of cruel reality. Please say a prayer for this family as you think of it, the road ahead of them is one of uncertainty no matter what the outcome.


  1. ditto on stef's comment. how wonderful that jim stepped in to teach his class. *tears*

  2. I agree with Stephanie ... you put it into words beautifully.