Saturday, November 21, 2009

Something Frivolous...

I follow some great blogs and one of those is a woman that Jim met through facebook and then discovered that my sister-in-law knows her too. Supposedly, we go to the same church but we have yet to meet. I started following because Jim follows-- but man, she has some really great content for us gen-xer's. All of that to say---she's having a contest. She had people send her old Halloween pictures back in October and we're voting on the favorite do something frivolous today and go here to vote for me.

Remember when you are voting that my friend and I worked tirelessly a on these costumes when were was 15, that my friend and I spent hours on these very original, creative, outstanding Campbell's Soup Cans. Remember that we did not win the costume contest at the church party, we lost to some "elderly" couple--not that I'm bitter. So please vote with my fragile ego in mind.

Have a great day! Happy Halloween!

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