Saturday, August 29, 2009

Can you spring clean in August?

With Jim starting his own blog this month it lead to all of the photography equipment that we own being in out in the house all the time and we I had to rethink some space issues.

It doesn't help that I am totally captivated by the A&E show Hoarders. Not only does it captivate me, it utterly freaks me out that I could turn into one of these people if I don't get a grip on the crap in my house. Now, I don't think I would ever get to the point where the counselor is asking me "Could there be any rotting food in this room?" (because there are are bugs everywhere) and I deny it vehemently and there is a freaking rotting pumpkin at my feet in the living room!!!!!! I don't think that could happen but I can talk myself into keeping things that are completely unnecessary in my life. So... the clean out began today!

Cleaning out the hall closet to make room for the camera equipment which led to cleaning out the bedroom closet to make room for the stuff from the hall closet which led to me making Jenna clean out her stuffed animals which led to her cleaning out her shoes which led to me filling my car with things to go to the thrift store where I will have to sort though and price them to put out the sales floor which will lead to me taking things off the floor to make room for the things that I brought to the store. All the sudden I feel like singing The Circe of Life.

Time for bed where I am sure that I will dream of black plastic garbage bags full of my own belongings coming over the seats of my van and suffocating me while I'm driving to the thrift store.


  1. Hey, not sure if its better to leave you a comment or e-mail you .....

    we decided very last minute (as in, just this afternoon) to spend tomorrow at the lake at my sister's place. In fact, I drove the kids down tonight, then Blaine and I are going back tomorrow. I seriously doubt we'll be back in time for Small Group .... I'm sorry to be a flake at the last minute. My sister had invited us to the lake for Labor Day, but she thought Labor Day was this weekend, so we had a mix-up. Anyway, I just wanted to let you know, in case we're not able to show up tomorrow night.

  2. Yup- that is what we are working on right now- waxing the floors and everything!

  3. i 'spring' clean one room every month, that way there is no whole house to do at spring time, when we should be out enjoying the sunshine (if we ever get any) i love the feeling of being decluttered, it makes everyhting seem more organised...then again, i'm a tad it may not count lol!

  4. Lori, I've been cleaning closets and such all weekend too! You aren't alone!! I gave 10 bags/boxes to the Mexican roofers yesterday to take to their families!! I don't have a local thrift store :(

    Hey, like the new look of your page!

    Have a good week.


  5. I saw the 'pumpkin' episode just last night! And the yogurt wasn't 'bulging' yet! That show got to me. I cleaned out the pantry yesterday. Next stop, the laundry room!