Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Some things couldn't make the cut..

In my new office I had to eliminate some of my personal items in order to actually have space for me and whatever prospective students I might meet. Although, I now have walls and a door the space itself did not grow at all.

The above piece of cherished photography was given to me on my 33rd birthday. My beautiful daughter was about 71/2 months old at the time and my husband not only took the photos...he picked out her outfit, got her dressed, called my mom to come and assist him at the park, took the photos, edited the photo choices, matted the whole thing himself and then wrapped it and brought it on vacation with us so that I could get for my birthday. It holds a special place in my heart but it will no longer hold a place in my office. It will now get a coveted space in the play/multi-purpose room along with some of the other treasured memorabilia.

Below is a Jenna's latest head shot for her Lyric auditions. It was probably time for the baby pictures to come home before prospects started asking me "Are those pictures of your granddaughter?"


  1. That's a real problem I have at my house. We get more current photos taken, but I can't bear to put any of the old ones up ... so I wind up with a shrine to my children on the walls .. on bookshelves ... on ledges .... you get the picture. (ha! Get it? Picture!?!? I crack myself up.) That's a really good photo of Jenna ... definitely worth running late for!

  2. Lori, is that why I have 167 photos in my bedroom?! When we closed the clinic all desk and decor came home not only for me, but for Doc too!

    Jim did an awesome job on the baby frame set of photos- is is one awesome photographer. I wish I had more time and $$$ to devote to the art itself.

    Good luck with the move, I know it is a hassel.