Sunday, August 16, 2009

Is 40 somethng too old for Children's Church?

I'm thinking that maybe I need to go back to children's church. Do you ever think that maybe Big Church, as we used to call it back in the day, is a little overrated? Today our "the senior pastor is out town again fill in pastor" was our Elementary Pastor, Dave Mowry, and I'm sure that some a lot of the congregation stayed home. I like to hear some of our other pastors preach so Jenna and I got up and went to church, it was Sunday after all. I am so glad that we did. I might have to go to Children's Church next week to hear what else he has to say.

Oh my goodness, God might as well have just whacked me on the head with a hammer and said audibly "Hey--you --the blonde (He knows I'm not really blonde but He's willing to go along with the illusion)--with the jaw clenched --and tightest grip ever to be held on the control stick that is your life.--yea, you!! LISTEN!!" And then Pastor Dave preached just to me, some you may have been in attendance but he really was preaching just to me.

A sermon titled Inconceivable --really? For a pragmatic, cynical, control freak such as myself this title is more than I can handle, let alone the sermon and scripture (John 11:45-57) to go with it. "If I just snuck out now, would anyone even notice?" But I stayed put with my legs crossed, my arms folded, and my hands firmly gripping every plan, detail, well-balanced, event that is my life.

I have had that swirling gut feeling lately that God has plans for me that I might not find quite as appealing as the plans that I have for myself. Not that He wouldn't know what's best just that He might need me to tweak it a little for a better fit. Well I get the feeling that he let Pastor Dave in on that secret and gave him the 3 step plan to give to me.

You might as well accept it....
1. Be open that God has an inconceivable plan, other than our agenda.
2. Ask God to begin to show you the plan, Be ready. "Am I ready?"
3. I know what you want me to do, give me the courage and opportunity to do it.

For people like me, this might as well come as a nightmare rather than a sermon, it already is my nightmare so what's the difference. Have Faith! Trust me! I have a plan! These are just fancy curse words in my world.

Then I went to see the movie Julie & Julia tonight. Hammer meet head. Julia Child was a woman who took an inconceivable idea and made it reality. Julie was a woman who took an idea that seemed inconceivable (524 recipes in 365 days) and it profoundly changed her. No mention of God here in these stories...think what could happen if the inconceivable is conceived by God for Me...pick me up off the floor now. Am I still breathing?

So if you see me walking around with kind of a lost but hopeful look on my face, I am just in my limited, controlled ruled, finite, sense of reality trying to imagine the Inconceivable possibilities that God has for me. Thanks (both sarcastically and sincerely) Pastor Dave!

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  1. No you are not too old! I think sometimes the most profound lessons are taught to our children because they have the ears to hear!
    (btw-the line, "it was Sunday after all" cracked me up!)
    Oh Lori- have the courage to let go of "the plan." (I know, I know- take my own advice!) That is sometimes what is holding us back. Ourselves!
    It will be a great thing to see where you are headed.