Friday, August 21, 2009

It's all about Perspective...

With thoughts of Back To School
I often find myself torn..
Do I want her to stay home,
just so I don't have to face the fight of each morn?

I find thoughts of her seeing her friends - a joy.
She had to sit behind a really gross boy.

I find the challenge of a tough math class to be a good sign.
She thinks math is the subject sent by Satan to mess with her mind.

I get excited about new pencils, pens, notebooks, and such.
She wants to use the same stuff as last year because a trip to Target is just too much.

She thinks a locker to herself is just great.
I think she needs a buddy to help keep her locker straight.

I think she will soon get into the routine and things will be fine and dandy.
She thinks if given the chance she will be glad to stay home in her pajamas watch T.V.,
eat popcorn, and candy.

Back to School.


  1. oh yes school started here on Tuesday...somehow things all fall back into place...and its just another part of our daily routine!

  2. I started to say, "Wow, that poem could have been written JUST FOR you and J!" .... then I realized you must have written it. :)

  3. Oh I think I am catching a glimpse of the happiness of kids going back to school.
    The poem is great- the math line made me laugh.