Saturday, March 21, 2009

Epcot today

Called it an early evening --so I'm posting a few pictures but then heading to bed. Had a great day with some special morning magic. More on that later.

Helped Kim Possible save the Norway.

Mulan in China--how cool.

Hollywood Studios tomorrow--Toy Story Mania, baby!


  1. love love love the pics! I can't wait to hear the stories to go with them! Those girls are just too cute. love the ears on Lady- WOW-oh I can't wait to see more pics and hear the tales behind the photos!

  2. Lori, Jim is really an awesome photographer! I'm so excited you are having a great time. I too can't wait to see more photos and hear 'The Rest of the Story'!!

  3. You guys really look like you're having fun ... and it looks like the weather is cooperating, too. Enjoy the last few days!!

  4. looks like sooo much fun!!!! and yes Im still jealous hehehe