Tuesday, March 3, 2009

SPT March Challenge--8 is Great!

Okay I really thought the Love stuff was a stretch for me...but "8"??

I didn't even know where to start.

So last night I went to a Bunco party and employed the help of the group. I was subbing in this game so I did not know most of these people, and now they think I am absolutely insane.
So with help of the group and especially one lady named Sherry(sp?) we went a little crazy eights.


8 wins

Roll of 8

8 pretzels/8 light reflections

8 plastic knifes

8 magazines

8 dinner plates

If you're counting that would be 8 things of 8! I know this is not exactly what the rules read but we got caught up in the fun of it, and I'm sure fun is defintely in the spirit of the challenge.


  1. So I was hoping for inspiration. You had some fun with this. Good inspiration for me. Thanks! =)

  2. Hey, were you playing bunco with Traci Ledford??? :) I love bunco ..... good to see you had fun, and fun with *8*'s.

  3. hahahaa!! You went CRAZY on 8's! LOVE IT! And goodness, I haven't play Bunco for YEARS!!! When I was little I thought it was a game that my grandmother invented. ha!

  4. What a crazy "8" SPT!!!! Good JOB. :)

  5. I love bunco, I miss playing it. Such a fun game!

  6. You were the first one to come up with something today! Thanks for starting the ball rolling!
    Very creative and clever!

  7. Wow....you really went above and beyond.

    I love that you did this with a bunch of people you didn't know very well.

  8. You made the most of 8...fun post. Bunco sounds like a night well spent!

  9. I hate to ruin this and give you nine comments, it really should stay at 8!

    Way to make the most of a fun challenge. I love your eight of eights.

  10. You did it! love the eight of eights- And I laughed at NJP's comment above!

  11. I wish my mind was as quick as yours...I am still looking for my 8