Wednesday, March 11, 2009

I'm a Martha raising a Mary!

Today I'm wondering how the Martha's of this world, that would be me, are blessed with the Mary's of this world, that would be my daughter? I know there are lessons to be learned from this blessing but sometimes I am at my wit's end. Refer to the story of Luke 10.

My daughter is the sweetest girl, she is funny, intelligent (thanks to her dad), talented, loves Jesus, and is very easy-going. Some of those things she gets from both her dad and I but some of them I don't recognise at all. I'm sure that is true of your children also. I envy some of her qualities. She is able to forget everything around her and totally relax, she is able to let things roll off her back, she doesn't really worry about anything. I know... she's a kid what does she have to worry about? She is very confident about her abilities. These are all very Mary qualities. She would definitely drop everything to sit at Jesus's feet.

I however am a Martha --I am constantly wondering what else needs to be done. I have a difficult time being still. I am always trying to anticipate how others will react before I give them a chance to react themselves. I always have a list of things to be done next. Jesus could be in the next room and I'd be wondering if I dusted under the entertainment center.

I know that world needs both Marthas and Marys, and honestly we all probably have some of both of their qualities in us. My struggle this week is how does a Martha raise a Mary? Some of the things my daughter does or doesn't do drive me crazy simply because of this difference. My brain does not work the same way hers does, and I find myself trying to force her do things the way I would do them because I don't know how to teach her any other way.

No answers today, just questions?


  1. Maybe we should take the "Understanding Youth" class they are offering later this month at church --- my problem with Brayden is that we are too much alike, and every little thing that drives me crazy about her, all I have to do is look in a mirror! :)
    PS. If you want to borrow the book for your trip, just holler. I'm happy to lend it to you. ...

  2. I can relate to this even though I had all boys. I had to learn to allow my boys to be who they were and accept that just as they have accepted me being the way I am. You are mom and you do have the right to let your daughter know how you feel about things.Id even talk to her about the things you dont always agree on.Let her voice her feelings and you voice yours. I truly believe a parent can never go wrong when we let our kids talk and we actually listen to what they have to say. We can learn so much from them...just as they learn so much from us. It helps your daughter to grow up realizing that not everyone will handle things the same way she does...and thats a good thing.

  3. by the way I gave you an award..go to my blog and get it!!!!