Sunday, March 15, 2009

Heaven Bound.

I know... you thought with that title it was another Disney post...not today...but more Disney to come as the week progresses.

My small group is really making me think these days...I'm not sure if that is good or bad but it does seems to be invigorating.'s invigorating me anyway.

I seemed to have developed a cynical side through the years. I find myself very leery to put my faith and trust in things, ideas and people because...well you know...what if I'm WRONG!! I have a hard time imaging Heaven. I even wonder what the significance of it may be? Is it something I really look forward too, not so much. Pastor David kinda called me on that today in his sermon. He actually said that is might exist in a splendor that I can't even imagine. So much to think about. I'm hoping that maybe these new thoughts might help me live a life in Christ and live more abundantly. Pressing on toward the goal.....

Here's a thought from one of my favorite books these days, Grace Rules by Steve McVey:

"I viewed the gospel as good news that told people how to get into heaven, but it seemed to possess little ability to get heaven into a man. The gospel had great relevance in terms of eternity, but seemed to offer little hope for experiencing life to the fullest while still in the world....Nothing is more invigorating to the life of a believer than continuously experiencing the grace of God. Religion drains a person....Grace doesn't drive us but directs us in a way that we enjoy serving God from a heart filled with gratitude....He finds himself motivated from within to serve Jesus Christ with enthusiasm and consistency."

He has so many great things to say in this book but right now I'm working on finding the faith to just believe in the grace of God and how it directs me here on earth and it leads to way to a heaven that I can't even begin to imagine. Cynicism be damned.


  1. Lori, you are not alone, I think there are many of us who feel as you do. We have to work daily.

  2. You are not alone...this along with so many other things are just things we have to work on each and every day!! ((HUGZ))