Monday, March 30, 2009

Sunday's Comin'

We spent Sunday thinking and dwelling on the suffering on Christ. Pastor David reminded us that because Jesus suffered on the cross, because he felt forsaken by everyone, but especially by his Father that he can suffer with us. Because He suffered this way He can understand and always be with us during our suffering. It was focused on the immense suffering and the severity of the forsakeness that Jesus felt that day.

It made me remember this sermon that I have heard a million times. It's an oldie but goodie by Dr. Tony Campolo. Some of you may have heard it. He spends alot of time helping us understand how we can relate to one another and how we can live the life Christ meant us to live. It ends with this incredible semonette entitled "It's Friday, but Sunday's Coming"

As the Easter season is upon us, and the everyday things seem to pile up. I am remembering in our suffering, whatever suffering that might be for us at this moment that it may the Friday of your life....but Sunday is Coming!!!!

If you would like to listen to the's a link to it:

It's a little long--but I still love it.

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