Sunday, March 8, 2009

Single digits, baby!!

As of today we are in single digits. It's crunch time. The suitcases need to come out of storage, and all the Disney paraphernalia that we keep from trip to trip needs to find it's way to the dining room table. My friend and her family are going skiing for Spring Break and we are both wondering who's going to have what we've forgotten to bring when we're not on the same trip. We have been on so many vacations together it's hard to go separately. I'm sure we will both muddle through some how. So I guess i will need to make my list and check it twice or even three times because I won't have her to depend on to have what I might have forgotten.

Do you have a great family that you vacation with? I highly recommend it--the only problem is we love every trip we go on it's hard to try to new places because we want to go back to where we've already been. We're trying Washington, D.C. early summer 2010-- any suggestion for planning sights or books?


  1. You'll walk more in DC than at WDW!!! I'll pull my file out and get back to you on the book we used! Better allow 2 days for Smithsonian, that place is so big and has so many buildings!!

    Hey, have you ever done a Disney Cruise? That's what we are contemplating!

  2. We're vacationing with another family for the first time next week . . . with my BFF Kate and her family in fact . . . can't wait! We have a couple of posts on lipstickdaily on relatively inexpensive sites for places to stay.