Monday, July 27, 2009

Another Musical Moment!

More musical news. We got to see Wicked yesterday. It was incredible! It was a great story and the score was amazing, I've been hearing in my head all day. Jenna has a great music/theatre teacher who loves this musical and really got her interested in it so when it came near we had to go see. It worked out that we got to ride, have lunch, and attend with friends. That made it even better.

This is the musical the really put Kristen Chenoweth, an Oklahoma native, on the map. We had been listening to the soundtrack, with her, all week and I will have to admit I thought her shoes might be impossible to fill. But I was wrong, the young woman who played the role of Glinda was fantastic, as was the role of Elphaba.

This a picture of mine and Jenna's fingernails, which had to be green in honor of the greeness of Elphaba. We also wore green, thanks to Savanna's great idea when they went to see it. All in all a great day and another great moment brought to us through the magic of musical theatre.


  1. oh how fun..... and your nails look AWESOME!!!

  2. Yea! Glad you loved it! I thought the same thing, wondering if it would sound as good as what I had been listening to, and it was fantastic.
    Love the nails- I want to see what you wore green!