Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Is it Wednesday already?

The preparation for the Mother/Daughter weekend is heating up. I might as well be moving into the office for all the stuff I keep bringing with me everyday. Because we are in the midst of this wonderful remodel I have extra pieces of furniture all around me. One of the carpenters just finished a storage cabinet that will eventually have a permanent place in our room. So for now....
I'm using the lovely cabinet as storage for all my goodies for the weekend. Luckily, the office also has two full size refrigerators that I plan to fill tomorrow.

Now I have to find time to read the book club book and prepare my Mother/Daughter activity session. I'm going to need to take Monday off work to recover from the weekend.


  1. not much to do then lol...I just got worn out reading that, love the cabinets tho xxx

  2. Im so excited for you...I bet this week-end is going to be a blast...just cant wait to hear all about it!!!