Friday, July 10, 2009

We're thinking about two more weeks....oooh really?

If you have been following my blog attempts you might remember that my office is in the middle, well I hope further than the middle, of a remodel. I have made reference to a few of the interesting moments that have come about because of close quarters. Go here and here.
So today I thought I would get you up to speed. You would think we should be moved back in and I could show you lovely photos of all of us back in a our respective areas with the students comfort being our number one priority...yeah, you would think?????

No, we are still in our common space. We have seen turtle like slow as it may seem. We've had carpet in certain area for weeks, but no baseboards. We have painted walls but with really strange finishes. We have carpeted areas that just don't seem quite right. We have major spills, who needs a drop cloth anyway? We have opened ceilings just like your favorite sitcom. In fact we might become your favorite sitcom before this is over.

We do have more electrical outlets than before. We have a new storefront doorway. Dayna has a beautiful handcrafted reception desk.
So... maybe we are on the tail end of this project. I think if they had just let me and my co-worker Franicine have a couple hammers and some paint brushes evrything would have been done long ago. So here's to hoping we are in our new area before that rush of students that always comes with the beginning of August.

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