Thursday, April 30, 2009

No more cubicle

My old office has a new wall, a door frame, and a window frame. Yipee!!! Maybe they can engrave a big star on the door right below my name? Yeh...that might be a little much.

Outside looking in.

Inside looking out.

Reception area.

They are really moving along, and we are able to make some changes as it goes because we can see the daily progress. This may turn out better than I thought it would.


  1. what are you talking about, a star would be perfect, i'd insist on it lol!

  2. yay...progress...we like progress!!!! oh and I agree demand the star!!!!! hehe

  3. I think you should have a vinyl star
    and does everything have that new smell?

  4. Just keep an eye on them, when they think you aren't looking they'll slip up!!

    And why not a gold star?