Friday, April 3, 2009

We'll see you again in 6 months....

I once was a young woman
who never gave a second thought,
to skipping a day of exercise
or eating pasta by the pot.

Then I started feeling pudgy
and began to feel so old.
I went to the doctor to get checked out,
and that's exactly what I was told.

You have high cholesterol,
here's a pill for that
Your thyroid seems to be out of whack,
here's a pill for that

You have the onset of arthritis
I find it in your second toe
It could be in your knees and fingers
what else would like to know?

It seems my efforts to get in better shape
might have been too little and too late.
I wish I saw even just a glimmer of hope,
But all I can see is an ice cold glass of coke.


  1. brilliant,don't you just hate getting older, i forget until i can't stuff myself into my jeans...or look in the mirror!

  2. What a great poem Lori, that would have taken me a year to do!

    I still say you can do it and make it without coke!!! Good luck.

  3. you can do it! You can do it!
    Love the poem-