Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Movin' on up...

The Construction Lead came by Monday to ask if we could be ready to move by the following Monday. We really thought we had another week, actually I thought we had an indefinite amount of time because I never really believed that my office would ever have walls and a door. But it looks like it is going to happen. So we are kinda like the people who have to move to an apartment before the new house is finished. I thought that I would record some before pictures in hopes that the after pictures are incredible.
the reception area now
reception area from inside

Our lovely "office" area

work area

This is the "apartment" where four us are moving. No walls whatsoever.

Let's hope the next pictures of this office area will be something that prospective students will see as up to date and welcoming. The Construction Lead say about 60 days I know he doesn't mean in real time but that would sure be nice. Maybe I should start a countdown for that.


  1. you should start a countdown and if they actually do get it done in 60 days then celebrate!!!!!!! Cant wait to see the pics of the NEW and IMPROVED office area!!!

  2. Ha Ha! Good Luck. When we did reconstruction in our office, they told us they could put up a wall in a 4 days while Kevin was at a conference. I stayed behind to 'babysit'! 4 months later the dust finally settled!!!