Sunday, April 19, 2009

It's that time of year...

It's that time of year for me. The time when I reflect on the past year to see what was good?... what was bad?... have I accomplished anything?... how's the weight?... how's the job?...

You know, it's the event that makes you ask "I'm how old??" THE BIRTHDAY

It could probably go unrecognised in my life because everyone who's close to me knows that I really don't like the attention of a birthday. But it doesn't go unnoticed by all of the many entities around me.

As the years have gone by it becomes increasingly harder for my birthday to by quietly. It used to be that I shared a birthday with a few celebrities and a great uncle which most people did not know. Then I moved to Oklahoma and I shared a birthday with Land Run Day. Now, as the world goes green I share a birthday with Earth Day.

This year I have noticed an increase of well wishes from all the many retail establishments in the area and anybody I've ever visited online.
---My insurance agent sent a card
---A food coupon from Shorty Smalls
---On-line coupons from a Steak House in Colorado that I checked into for a vacation but never actually ate there, guessing I won't make it there this year either.
---Many little % off from every online establishment I've ever purchased with.

But this year I got a new one--- mind you, that I am not going to be particularly young on my birthday, and there is really no way that you would mistake me for someone that was going to be turning 12 or less on this birthday. But... I got a coupon for a free Build-a Bear animal for my birthday. It was addressed to me...Lori Smith...a soon to be 44 year old woman.

I did what any self-respecting Mom would do I went to get my free animal-- hey it was just waiting for me to claim it right? I thought, "what a great thing to send back stage to Jenna at her performance Saturday." I stopped at our local Build-a Bear expecting there to be some kind of catch--but there wasn't. I picked out the most adorable Lamb and went searching for some accessories to complete the purchase, which I'm sure is exactly the sole purpose of the coupon in the first place.

There is not one piece of clothing that says star, superstar, #1, diva, or anything appropriate for the event, a huge oversight as I see it. So I pick out a little bouquet of flowers meant for Mother's Day for my Lamb to hold. This is where the trip gets a little surreal. I get in line, surrounded by small children, to get the Lamb stuffed. Watching the kids go through the cute little routine of having their new favorite new friend stuffed and brought to life with love. How fun, I remember when Jenna loved to do this and how adorable it was.

My turn is next and I hand the girl (not even a girl, a woman) my Lamb and a little heart to go in it. Then she totally takes me surprise and starts in with the little routine of having me rub the heart to warm it, and I'm thinking she's kidding, right? But no...she continues with the whole routine expecting me to rub the heart on my head to give it smarts, to rub in on my heart to give it love.....etc... I am so dumbfounded that I just keep going through the motions with her because she's really not going to stop. I keep thinking Howie Mandel is going to appear at any moment to tell me that I am on "Howie Do It." But it ended and I almost as dumbfoundily moved through the store not quite sure what had just happened. I made my purchase and vowed never to come into that store again with being accompanied by a child, maybe that's the whole plan because even in my stupor I only spent $5 which I'm sure was not the intent of the coupon.

So Happy Birthday to way to feel younger than a visit to Build-A-Bear, but be sure to BYOC (bring your own child)!


  1. happy birthday to you
    happy birthday to you........

  2. Happy Birthday Lori!!! So Funny!!!! I'm surprised you didn't slap the lady!!!

  3. Now thats funny.....wish someone would of taken a picture of you doing the whole heart rubbing thing...hehehehe HAPPY BIRTHDAY LORI!!!!!!!