Thursday, April 2, 2009

Memories light the corners of my mind....

When we arrived home from vacation last week Jenna discovered that Middle School Show Choir tryouts were going on and she had missed the day when they taught the dance they had to know. We had a little drama and some tears trying to figure out how to learn everything in order to be ready. Luckily a wonderful 7th grader (thank you Emily) who is already in Show Choir was willing to come over to our house and teach Jenna and Savanna the dance so that they wouldn't feel so lost. I thought it was interesting that they taught them this dance and required that they perform it in the audition but they just had them sing off the cuff, The National Anthem, hello.. the most butchered song in America...who sings that well? Okay...maybe Jennifer Hudson and Whitney Houston, but not Middle Schoolers. And on top of all that hoop jumping--the boys did not have to dance at auditions. Needless to say I don't really think this was the best thought out way of auditioning for anything. But all that to say they made it!!

This brought up all the memories of my showchoir days. I was in it in Jr. High and High School. For the life of me I cannot remember the name of the Jr High version but my High School Show Choir was named "Friends" we were ahead of the Friends you all know and love. Although we did not have Chandler or Phoebe we certainly had our share of geeks characters. Those really were some fun times in my life. I found these hideous lovely photos to post as evidence to the appalling tuxedos and hair styles. Jenna still dresses up in the wine colored dress. Was I ever that skinny? Of course I thought I was huge.

Anyway... Congratulations Jenna, Savanna, Emily and the others who made Bethany Middle School Show Choir.


  1. great you all had the same hairdresser..even the boys lol!!!this is what i found funny about my old school pics...we all had bad perms..yep, even the boys!!!

  2. Congrats to the girls! I know you are proud. Looking forward to future posts of events!