Saturday, April 11, 2009

My Happy Place...

I know you we're thinking "not another post about WDW?, is that all she ever thinks about?" Well in this case my Happy Place is right here in Oklahoma City. My real job requires that I work 32 hours a week so that leaves me some extra hours in my week to volunteer at this wonderful establishment, The ROC (reaching our city) Resale Shop. I just kinda fell into this "job" when Jenna was in the 4th grade and her teacher didn't really seem to need help in the classroom and I had some time on my hands.
This the wonderful couple that manage the store and one of their great employees

Here's a quick look around and some Saturday shoppers.

During that time it has evolved that I take care of the stacks, you know the books, not to be confused with the accounting in any way. I try to get there every ten days or so to try to keep ahead of the straightening and the new stuff that comes in daily. I am always behind. It never fails that you get sort of caught up and someone brings more stuff in. But today I went to volunteer because I hadn't been there in three weeks with vacation and Jim going to Savannah, Ga. for a funeral and all Jenna's musical get the idea. I spent the first hour straightening and cleaning, then I spent time sort all the boxes of books that has accumulated. Note to all you wonderful people who donate to your local thrift stores: Do Not donate damaged (missing covers, missing pages, cola stains, etc.)books or books that have obviously been on the floor of a flooded garage. YUCK!!)

This the Children's and Music Section

Fiction, non-Fiction, Self-Help, DIY

Religious and Inspirational. This store is affiliated with the Nazarene church so we get a lot of religious books. Sometimes whole personal libraries at a time. I really don't know how many Cross and the Switchblade's any one store needs?

I also do Videos, cassette tapes, albums, and even 8-track tapes.
Anyone need "Have you Never Been Mellow?, by Olivia Newton-John", or any and every religious album ever recorded?

I was on a roll today. I worked up and sweat and got my arm lifting exercise for sure. But after about 2 hours and 15 minutes I was actually caught up. My area was clean and ready for the next arrival of goods. I felt as if I had actually accomplished my goal today. This is such a marvelous place to volunteer. They always seem to be glad to have you come and grateful for whatever you get done while there. I am always glad I went, even on the days when it is a struggle to find the time

This is my storage area and the floor beneath--See all cleaned out! Yeah! Of course it's been a few hours since this picture, I'm sure it's already filling back up again.


  1. all those books, i would have a field day, hunting through books, my happy place lol!!!

  2. Well done . . . and that book section looks amazing!

  3. What a great use of your 'spare' time! So nice to give back to the community.

    That one picture of Saturday shoppers, looks just like my son!!! I think you have his twin in OKC!!!

    Good job Lori! Maybe I'll have Stephanie bring up my gently used books for your store!!

  4. You are soo generous with your time and with your talents that the Lord has blessed you with.
    Thanks for sharing your blessings with us too!