Monday, April 13, 2009

In your Easter bonnet, with all the frills upon it...

We had a great day with family. This family in all it's extended glory always has great stories to tell and great food to eat. We had a new addition for this gathering, Gus,the guinea pig. He is living at my brother's house. Not quite sure who is claiming him as theirs but he is well loved. He really does have red eyes because he is albino.

My darling niece Halee and Gus

Cooper, Halee, Jenna and Gus

Gus's dwelling and my nephew Cooper

All the preparation of food and the buffet line. Everyone contributes and we have all the favorites. Can't have a Morgan gathering without at least two casseroles of Mac & Cheese. I grew up with my Mom's parents always being included in the Dad's side of the family's gatherings because my mom was an only child and it just seemed to make sense. It wasn't until later in my life that I realized that that really wasn't as normal as it seemed to me. Luckily, it is a tradition that has continued so this gathering had a variety of family from all sides.
My mom and BrotherMelissa(the Hostess)

My nieces Halee & Katie. My husband Jim, my mom and Melissa

Prep is complete and everyone has arrived. Let the loading of plates begin. Jenna was trying to sneak in front of (nephew) Josh so that he didn't get all the Mac & Cheese. Did I mention that we love Mac & Cheese? So we had my family, my brother's family, my mom, my husband's mom and sister, my sister-in-law's mom, brother, and nephew, it was quite the representation.

Jim's mom Dell, Jenna, Josh, & Halee

Dylan(Melissa's nephew), me, my mom(Bev), Halee, & Melissa's mom(Shirley)

My niece Katie, me , my mom

The kid's Table

The adult Table. Shirley, Michael(Melissa's brother), Melissa(my SIL), Dean(my brother), & Grace(my SIL, Jim's sister)
A great time was had by All!! Hope everyone had a great day. God's grace is an amazing gift given to all who will just accept it as their own. God Bless your week.


  1. what a great family day...feel hungry just looking at the pictures!

  2. Wow Lori, Guess I should have been in OKC for you and Stephs feasts! Our day was just the 6 of us and 1 bachelor friend. I was doing all the food prep, setting the table, cooking on the grill and in the kitchen, didn't get any photos of the cooking, or the dinner table, RATS!

    Great pics and family times!

  3. I think I enjoyed looking at your pictures even more because I know almost everyone in them. Your mom brought some awesome cupcakes to Kendrie (and Halee's) soccer game Saturday, too. :)