Monday, July 6, 2009

A Welcomed Surprise!

When I arrived home from work today I had the sense, even as I walked in the door, that someone had baked something. I don't really bake--I cook dinner, and can usually follow a recipe to make casseroles and such, but baking, not so much. I knew Jim had been home at lunchtime so I thought maybe he had baked something in the oven and the smell was just lingering. But no... My wonderful daughter sheepishly says that I need to carefully open the freezer to see what she has created. This is what I discovered...

Yes... She made Cream Puffs!! My mom had given her a cookies press that she bought at a garage sale and there was a recipe for cream puffs so she just decided to make them. No hesitation, no thoughts of failure, no reason not to believe that she can cream puffs... who knew?

I give credit for this new "cooking enthusiasm" to my friend Alisa who has been patiently, lovingly, and selflessly teaching 6 almost 7th grade girls to cook this summer. Jenna did you proud today.


  1. hooray for you Jenna! Those look yum! Save me one! I am so proud of you- and Lori, what a deal you have! She can be whipping up a storm in the kitchen now. Cream puffs- WOW!

  2. cool is that?? and they look so yummy I want one!!!!!! ok two!!!!

  3. Congrats Jenna! I want to try one! I've always wanted to try and make them but never had the courage! At Christmas you can stack them to look like a Christmas tree and 'spin' icing onto them.

    Enjoy them.