Friday, July 17, 2009

No more empty nest!

Jenna (my darling pre-teen) comes home today!! She has been away a church camp all week. It has been strangely quite. Jim and I have had a taste of the empty nest syndrome. I don't how well we faired. The dog is completely confused because he usually eats his food when sit down for dinner but we haven't actually sat down for dinner this week. The laundry took less loads to complete. We went to a movie on a Monday night, which by the way, there is no line at the concessions on a Monday night. We were kinda back to that days "before child", and we were married 8 years "before child". We were such two single married people. We did what we pleased and occasionally ran into one another for some activities and mostly went about our business individually. This particular choice of lifestyle made it little difficult to adjust to a baby coming into out lives may be as one goes out eventually that it won't be so hard to fall back into a routine with the empty nest. We do have a few years to figure it all out and in the meantime we will be glad to have our girl back home tonight.

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  1. You sound like us when all the kids are gone! Doesn't happen too often, but now we are down to 2 at home it is getting quieter!