Monday, February 23, 2009

All that was missing was Mickey himself!

We had a great evening. I had not made mickey pizzas since all my Disney friend's kids were little, I had forgotten how many pans they take to get them to all be a hot at the same time, thank goodness for an old kitchen with two ovens. Here's me trying to remember how much dough to make.

The Mickey pizzas turned out pretty good. We had a couple of ear incidents, but nothing too serious. A little doctoring with melted cheese and we avoided strange earless mouse nightmares.

Our house is just normally a little Disneyfied so it's just a matter of putting it all in one place to trap our guests into the looking through all of our vacation memories. (thanks for indulging us, Jay and Alisa)

We put out all our Disney dishes and decorations to make a great table presentation.

Here we are enjoying our meal and getting to know each other. We did let them eat while we made them watch the videos of our trips. I'm telling you we can take total advantage of a captive audience.

The kids had to play Disney's Think Fast on the Wii. We always make Jenna take it easy on the guests with her Disney knowledge.

Luke wanted to find some toys to play with so I set him up to play with Jenna's Cinderella Castle in the playroom. Alisa went to check on him and he summed up the evening very well..."Mom, I think they really like Disney." Thanks go out to the Spear family for putting up with Disney craziness. We are so excited that they are going to trust us with their wonderful daughter so our wonderful daughter can have such a special trip to the "Happiest Place on Earth." We wish we could take the whole family.


  1. You guys look like you had a great time --- we don't even have a Disney trip planned, but I think I might try those pizzas, they were adorable!

  2. It was such a great night! Thanks for having all 6 of us over- it is a rare treat to be invited over! (I think a family of 6 is a little intimidating to have over!)
    We are so excited that Savanna gets to go! It will be so fun to hear each days events!
    The kids went to sleep so easy- they were dreaming Disney before their heads hit the pillow.

  3. Read this through Alisa - we are hoping maybe to go to DW in December - I am definitely getting in touch with you! You sound better than any travel agent I could find!