Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Throwing away appliances is not the same as throwing away Memories!

Tonight I had to throw away one of my favorite appliances. You may wonder how I came to have favorite appliances. Well, my quesadilla maker was a favorite because of the memories it brought to mind. In May of 2004 we vacationed with friends in Perdido Key, Florida. We were trying to really watch our funds and we cooked almost all of our meals at home and we bought this quesadilla maker while in Perdido Key. It has served us well. We used it on vacation and continued to do so after coming home. We even gave these as gifts to friends that Christmas. We will miss this appliance (never mind that Jim has already purchased me a new on amazon) it will still be missed.

But I will always have the memories of one of our favorite vacations ever, and it wasn't even Walt Disney World. We ate, played at the beach, made crafts, ate, played at the beach, ate, swam in the pool, ate, played games...and started all over the next day. The ultimate in relaxation.
Enjoy some of my photographic memories--- preferably while eating a quesadilla.


  1. I just broke something this morning too-
    I smiled at the memories that I have with this pie plate that was given to me 14 years ago this may. It was handmade pottery with 2 dolphins in the middle. I am writing the friend that made it for me this morning to tell her how well it has served me and the memories that it has made.
    I read your post before I broke it. Your post probably helped me to not be so grumpy when it broke!

  2. Memories, they're priceless. Wonderful pictures. And no, you're not alone having memories about an appliance!

  3. awww well thank goodness for memories!!! And hubbies that buy you new quesadilla makers!!!
    Love the pics!!