Friday, February 27, 2009

Song of my heart today.

Everything You Are Lyrics
Performed by- Larnelle Harris
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1Everything You are Is all I'll ever need
There is not a path I take
Where You cannot lead
How can I be less
Than what You ask of me
When everything You are
Is all I'll ever need

1Lord I hate to take Your time
'Cause You've heard it all before
But there are questions on my mind
I can't find the answers for
In spite of how it may appear
You know that my heart is true
And I find the truth I'm searching for In You

Verse 2
In a world of compromise
It's so hard to really know
If satifaction truly lies
In what you can call your own
Father help me separate
Between all my wants and needs
Till I only seek the things
You'd have for me

Ev'rything You are
Is all I'll ever need

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  1. Great song! I got your message about crop. Too bad- I will plan for next month. I loved the posts about the dinner with the Spears. We are hoping to see DW next summer so I will have to hit you up for tips when we get closer.