Monday, February 16, 2009

We love Chili's!

When I heard that a tornado had come near my house this week my first thought was, "if my house is gone, please let the dog be alive." When I arrived at my home to find it intact although there was debris, it wasn't from any of the homes around us, I was relieved. After the realization that our neighborhood was spared, then my next thought was "Chili's??"

We love to eat at Chili's, the one at NW Expressway and Rockwell, where the tornado came through. We probably eat there once a week, sometimes twice. We meet friends there almost every weekend. What would we do without Chili's?? I know we could drive to another one, but it's not the same.

We met friends there just Saturday evening and I felt the sigh of familiarity come over me as we walked in the door. The place was hopping, (Valentine's Day). We had called ahead but we still had to wait. We were seated at a table that was too close to another and the tables are just too narrow. When they seat seven people at a table for six, you can't help but be crowded. We ordered chips and salsa (that's what we always do) and there is never enough room at the table. Our server refills our chips just as our meals arrive and there is no place to put the huge (half the width of the table sized) plates. We get everything situated, balancing plates and glasses in ways unimaginable...I think Allyson might have been actually seated on only half of her chair the whole meal, and we enjoy the favorites that we order weekly. I'm sure you're thinking, "Why do they go to the Chili's if this is their weekly experience?" The answer:

This is what I love...I love regular, consistency, known entities, order, familiarity, control, home, symmetry, etc.. So meet me at Chili's (NW Expwy & Rockwell), but if you have a party of seven, say "8", you'll have a little more elbow room to enjoy your meal.


  1. I am all about the broccoli cheese soup and chicken fajitas .... anytime you need someone to go with you, just let me know! :)

  2. Lori, when I come to Bethany, we can eat Chilli's. When you come to Lubbock we'll eat On the Border. Deal??

  3. I like Chili' hubby and I ate there last Wed night. I love their chips and salsa con queso!